Empowering individual
feeding solutions


My approach starts with you, your needs, your goals and dreams.

It is your experince – It is a special time for you and having worked with thousands of mamas over the past 20 years, I know that no two mamas are the same, have the exact same birth or breastfeeding experience, concerns or goals.

Embrace your individuality – Rather than trying to shoe-horn you into an experience that I think you should enjoy or embrace, I help you to consider the options available to you, taking your labour, birth, anatomy, baby and your personal choice into consideration.

No pressure – I have remained independent so as to provide an objective, unbiased and non-judegmental platform, where you can find practical, tried and tested tools to create a positive breastfeeding experience that works for you and your family.


A bit about me

I’m base in West London (UK) but I have an international client base. It feels incredible to help mamas hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away and it inspires me to do more. The support and information I provide is evidence-practice based (repeatedly tried and tested) rather than research (theory) based. It is good to know that what I do works, continues to work and can work for you too.

What makes me different?

From the outset, I believed that breastfeeding was science, as well as a skill and an art, that needed to be learnt by both mama and baba. Threre are 5 key elements I use to assess each breastfeeding dyad before I recommend a unique position, latching technique and care plan to match their individual combinations. With a clear insight to the root cause of the problem, I can give you the quickest route to solutions, sustainable and enjoyable breastfeeds. Another great thing about using science, is that finding a solution to a problem or an answer to a question more likely.


I have studied with multiple organisations in order to gain a broad view of breastfeeding practices and avoid becoming complacent and biased. This makes me an independent breastfeeding specialist and allows me the freedom to help you achieve your individual goals. Working with thousands of individual mamas has taught me more than any course has or ever could. It is through this extensive hands-on experience has also facilitated a great platform to conduct my own research and create the Miskin Method, based on real mamas and real babas.

  • Breastfeeding Specialist Advance (LEC)
  • Certified Breastfeeding Counsellor CBC (CBI)
  • Australasian Lactation Course (ALC)
  • UNICEF Lactation Management
  • Maternity Nurse Practitioner MNT)
  • Qualified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Leadership Mentor