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Get a good breastfeeding position and latch

Your primary goal when establishing breastfeeding in the early days,  is to get a good position and latch.

Why? Because when you do get a position that works for you and baby, everything falls into place almost effortlessly. The way you hold, position and latch your baby onto your breast, influences absolutely everything from how comfortable your feed is, to how much milk your baby gets, as well as how long it takes for bub to get a full feed.

So if you want to enjoy breastfeeding, see your baby trhive and grow on your amazing milk and carve out time for yourself, you need to get your position and attachment right and I’m gonig to talk you through how to do it.

How to get your breastfeeding position right

To do this, you need to consider two things. Firstly the size of your breast and where your nipples point and secondly, the size of your baby and how much support you’ll need to feel comfortable.

How the size of your breast influences your baby’s position

The size of your breast will tell you how high or low your baby needs to be when latchin and during the feed, for instance, if you have a small breast size, your baby will need to be higher up your body so that baby’s nose is in line with your nipple. If you have a larger breast size, your baby will be lower. Getting this right is really important because when you do, both your breast and your baby will be in the right place and more importantly stay in the right place during the feed.

How where your nipples point influences your baby’s position

Where your nipples point tell you how your baby will be positioned during the feed. For instance, if your nipples point forward, your baby will be on his side, with his whole body facing you. If your nipples point downward (most nipples do), your baby will be tilted back a bit and slightly more under the breast – a bit like the baby in this pic. The reason why this is important, is that once your baby has latched onto the breast, you want to ensure that both baby’s cheeks touch your breast. When this happens, baby is able to drain the upper and lower half of your breast easily, ensure that he gets all your milk quickly and efficiently. The baby in this pic, as cute as he is, needs to come a little closer to the breast so that his top cheek touches the breast.

How your baby’s size influences your breastfeeding position

You’ll probably have worked this one out already but just to clarify, small babies aren’t as heavy as bigger babies, so you’ll typically need less support to keep them in the right place. However, if you have a small breast size, your baby will need to be higher up, so you may need more support to keep baby in line with your breast. There are so many variables with baby and boob combinations, that it is impossible to recommend a breastfeeding cushion or pillow that will work for everyone.

Tailor your position to your unique MomBo

You may have heard me talking about your MomBo but if you haven’t, let me quickly explain what I mean. You only have to look around to notice that we are all different. Babies are different too so there is no one size fits all solution to anything, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. Every mum and baby combination is unique and this unique combination is what I refer to as your MomBo. When you position, latch and feed your baby in line with your MomBo, everything becomes easier, works better and is more enjoyable because it is specific and tailored to you and your baby.

Breastfeeding Made Easy system

I have a system that I use every day in my practice and I want to share step one of my Breastfeeding Made Easy System with you to help you narrow down your options. Simply download the pdf and then circle the information that is relevant to you.

Breastfeeding Made easy – BNB positioning system

Example – Breastfeeding Made easy – BNB positioning system

If you want to know more about your MomBo, click here and do this short quizz to get more information about how you can tailor things to suit you and your baby.