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What’s my unique mum and bub combo or ‘MumBo’?


Breastfeeding terminology seems to become more complicated every year. So in a bid to even things out, here’s one I created to make understanding the ins and outs of breastfeeding a little easier.

When you feed in line with your MumBo, you’ll elimate common questions like;

  • ‘How long should I feed my bub for?
  • ‘Should I offer one or both sides?’
  • ‘When should I move onto the second side?’
  • ‘How often should I feed my bub?

What’s my ‘MumBo’?

Your MumBo is simply your unique mum and bub combination. Boob size, baby size, bub’s age are 3 of the elements that determine your MumBo. It includes unique bits of you and your bub and considers how you fit together. So rather than just being Mum focussed, I consider your little bub too. This makes breastfeeding teamwork. It’s super cheesy, but teamwork is dreamwork. So it is important to get tailored breastfeeding advice to suit you and your bub for it to work.

Who can tell me what my MumBo is?

You’ll probably find that you instinctively know what your MumBo is already. It’s really not hard at all. Child’s play really. A bit like a puzzle and a game.

When you approach breastfeeding in a light hearted manner or even an experiment, you’ll feel more relaxed and open minded. When breastfeeding in line with you MumBo, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters. It’s easy to forget that you have a baby when you focus on all the ‘supposed rules’. It helps you to know what to focus on and what to forget. For instance, if your bub is doing enough wet and dirty nappies (diapers), is gaining weight nicely (roughly 30g or 1oz each day), don’t worry about feeding times.

What does my MumBo influence and why is it helpful?

I like options and believe that you should have options too. In the past, mums have felt judged or that they had failed if they hadn’t achieved what was considered right or proper with regards to breastfeeding. I don’t like that nor do I support that the theory at all mums should X, Y or Z. As a parent, you choose what you value and how you want to approach parenting, which includes feeding without bias. Provided your bub thrives and you are happy, you choose what works with your MumBo.

  • Your personal preference (whether you like routine, a flexi routine, no routine).
  • Your preference about exclusive breastfeeding, mixed breastfeeding and combination feeding
  • Your preferred feeding position and latching technique
  • Your personal feeding pattern according to your MumBo

When is my MumBo crucial?

It should go without saying … but if you are struggling with breastfeeding, sore nipples, mastitis, low milk supply or even a baby who is constantly hungry and not gaining weight even though you have sought help, something is not right. This is when your MumBo comes into it’s own. Don’t wait until you are on the verge of giving up. Get in touch sooner than later. Find the solutions you need, as early as possible. There is absolutely no point in being miserable.