Empowering individual
feeding solutions

Personal choice is creating a personal feeding route

“It is absolutely fine to change your mind about what you want if what you are doing isn’t working for you or baby.”

Think about the last time you treated yourself. The last time you splashed out on something uniquely tailored and personalised to suit your every need. Everything in life is just that little bit nicer, better or even more special when it is tailored to you, to suit your personality and what you need in your life right now.

So if you tailor your Starbucks coffee run, your facial or massage surely it makes sense to tailor your personal feeding route too. Well I think so and if that sounds like something that would be nice for you, you’re in the right place. I’m going to talk you through how to create your personal feeding route right here.
Does it make sense that when you choose do to something yourself as well as how to do it, rather than being told what to choose, you naturally feel more connected to it, more excited and invested even. It’s your baby, your experience. Own it and enjoy it. Your choices will be supported and respected so consider your options and find what works for you.

It’s time to take ownership of your feeding experience and have fun feeding your baby.

By having a clear idea of what your ultimate outcome or plan A is, you have something to focus on and work towards, something to aim for, something that you choose. Creating your Personal Feeding Route, simultanesoulsy enables you to consider what plan B, C and D is too if you find that plan A really wasn’t what you wanted or doesn’t work as well as you had imagined it would.

Why create a personal feeding route?

Think of your personal feeding route as your personal feeding map. One that you can follow and use to assess where you are in relation to where you want to be, your progress and options along the way if breastfeeding isn’t going as smoothly as you’d thought it would. This helps you to assess your feeding progress objectively as well as something to referral to when you feel low and need some inspiration.

Your personal feeding route enables you to:

  • Identify your ultimate goal or outcome as well as your second, third and fourth choice if necessary
  • Recognise when to move onto plan B, C or D
  • Create an action plan – where to find the support you need
  • Look for and find practical solutions – different to the standard information and guidance available

Identify your ultimate goal, as well as your other options

You don’t know what you want until you know with certainty what you don’t want but nonetheless it is really helpful to consider ‘what you think you want’ before your baby arrives. not only that, but by creating a personal feeding route to achieve it, not only will you learn so much about breastfeeding but you may realise that it may not be what you want afterall. for instance, you may think that you’d like to exclusively breastfeed for 3 months but then learn that breastfeeding becomes much easier after 3 months, so you change your goal.
You may also think you want to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months but change your mind when you see that baby isn’t gaining enough weight, despite your efforts and combintation feeding becomes more suitable so that your baby continues to get your milk.

Recognise when to move onto plan B, C or D

For many mums it’s quite surprising how emotional their breastfeeding journey is. It is so difficult to walk away from your ultimate goal when breastfeeding is not going as well as you had hoped it would. This is why it is so important to create a safe word or clause before your baby arrives and you can think clearly. Whilst breastfeeding works really well for many mums, it can take time and practice before everything falls into place. If this happens, it is helpful to know where you are in relation to what you want to achieve and what you need to do to achieve it. Here is a list of common challenges that pop up when what you are doing isn’t working as well as it should and you need to consider plan B, C or D.

When is exclusive breastfeeding not working as well as it should:

  • Baby is jaundiced and not getting better
  • Baby isn’t producing enough wet and dirty nappies in line with what you’d expect for baby’s age
  • Baby isn’t gaining weight as quickly as we would expect
  • Baby can’t be put down, is constantly miserable and generally not a happy bunny
  • You are sore and breastfeeding is unpleasant, quickly becoming something you dread
  • You develop blockages and mastitis

What are your personal feeding route plan options?

You can create your very own personal, a route that works especially for you. Start by creating plan B first and if you have time or like to create a stepping stone type of route, you can add in more pitstops along the way. Plan be is the next best thing to what you’d ultimately like to achieve, which is one step away from it. This means that it is easy to get back on track to your ultimate goal from plan B.

How do I know that what I’m doing is working

This is a great question as I often meet mums who are so happy with what they are doing but feel guilty that they aren’t breastfeeding exclusively. This is where your personal feeding plan really comes into it’s own. The long and short of it is that if your baby is reaching milestones, gaining weight well, that you are happy and have an abundant supply, there is no need to change anything. Infact, it really is nobody’s business how you feed your baby as you are both happy and healthy. You’ll know that it is working because you and baby are happy and feel relaxed and confident about what you are doing. Trust yourself and enjoy what you are doing until it isn’t working anymore and then find something else that does work.

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