Empowering individual
feeding solutions

Tailored breastfeeding advice is key to your success

It’s no secret that we are all different…

…which is why tailored breastfeeding advice is key to your success. Just look at the women in your life. You’ll quickly realize that we all come in different shapes and sizes. So… why do we expect everyone to have the same breastfeeding experience or outcome?

Your experience will vary depending on your unique MumBo. Before I continue, I want to reassure you that there is no right or wrong shape or size or MumBo.

You can get more comfortable when breastfeeding by knowing how to work with your unique Mum and baby combo (or what I refer to as your MumBo). This ensures that your latching technique, feeding position and feeding plan are as unique as you are.

The reason why I believe this is so important, is because learning a new skill set with the wrong instructions is just not fun! I’m currently learning about implementing plugins to my site and learning how to do it, with even slightly irrelevant info, is really overwhelming. Unlike you, I don’t have to worry whether my site will get enough food or sleep well tonight!

Get tailored breastfeeding advice easily. Answer these 3 questions:

  1. What are you struggling with in particular?
  2. Instinctively, what do you think needs to change in order to make this better or easier?
  3. If you were to know, what specific information and/or practical help do you need to make this happen?

For example, (struggle) you may find that your baby keeps pulling off the breast during the feed. You have noticed that it happens far more at the start of the feed, so you think it has something to do with your flow. Your Mama instinct tells you that (solution) if you could just manage your flow a little, that the entire feed will become calm and comfortable for both you and your little bub. You aren’t sure whether you have an oversupply, or whether it may just be down to a fast milk flow. You’d like someone to talk you through what your different options are, so that you can find one that works for you.

Ask specific questions to get specific advice

When getting help, listen to the different options that you have. Ask whoever is helping you, why it would work for you and your baby in particular (specific/practical help and information). You want tailored breastfeeding advice. Ask for this and you’ll be surprised to see how many different solutions are available to you. Be objective and practical when choosing the quickest way forward.

The important thing to know, is that there is not just one way to feed your baby. The only ‘right way’, is one that works for both of you. Look and ask for tailored breastfeeding advice at every stage of your journey. It honestly will make learning the ropes so much quicker and easier. If you need different results, look at different approaches. The secret is to keep looking for answers until you find one that is perfectly tailored to you and your bub.

If you need help get in touch.